I have released two CD's over the last 10 years. My first CD "My Bayou Home" is a collection of original songs. My second CD "Hole in the Head Session" is a collection of "cover" songs. I had brain surgery in 2007 and was still recovering when I recorded the CD. My face was still hanging down due to paralysis, so I sarcastically named it  Hole in the Head. Both CD's are out of production, but I'd be glad to make you a copy upon request.
 The picture in the upper right is my second CD cover. I don't know why, but most people don't get the sarcasim. It's a guy with a hole in his head and all there is in his head is a  mouse. In 2016 I recorded a new CD that I use as a "demo"
just ask and I'll make one for you.
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